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A Harry Potter-themed video accompanies this song.

I n the video for her single “Twisted Fairytale,” Art of Bodybending (AoB) had a 70-kilogram python draped over her legs while she used them to cling to a pole.

To those viewing this image, this might be a treat—an impressive one at that. But, for the subject—she who is at the center of the image—it can be torment. Fittingly, this is the same dynamic found in her song.

True to its name, “Twisted Fairytale” examines the pain of a fairytale deprived of a happy ending. It is about a girl who, once upon a time, met a boy she fell in love with. She thought that they would live happily ever after but the “twist” is that they didn’t. They fell out of love, he left her and she spends the four minutes of this song trying to get him back. Her tools? A slowpaced melody that begins with a few notes on the piano; a sultry, word-warping manner of singing that can remind one of Tori Amos and lyrics recounting the magic that once fueled their relationship. It is essentially a come-on, tempting the listener with the possibility of pleasure. But behind it lies the singer’s pain of knowing this truth: the mere fact that she has to do this speaks volumes about her relationship’s demise.

“This was my snakelike song about self-deception,” she says in a press release. “When you deny the ugly truth right before your eyes, you cease to be the protagonist of your own story. You become the villain. You are the snake that manipulates and poisons your own self into staying in a toxic relationship.”

And a “snake” she ended up being. In the self-produced, self-directed music video for this song, AoB can be found contorting herself, slithering on various surfaces while unabashedly mouthing the words to the song. She also took Harry Potter as a theme—using elements of the boy wizard’s world to fashion herself as a brokenhearted witch unleashing the arcane upon her ex-lover’s room.

“Of all things, why Harry Potter?” the release asked. And she answers this by talking about the franchise. Apparently, this world created by JK Rowling was the fantasy realm that helped her get through a rough childhood. It only seems fitting for her to invoke its powers now. She may have grown up and she may have matured but that shouldn’t suggest that life can’t still be rough. And when life is tough, one can do with a bit of whimsy. One can do with a fairytale to tell one’s self—however twisted that tale may be.

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