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A casual acceptance of shortcomings.

Sobrang Lala” by Aypi

F or an artist, discussing hardship through one’s work can ironically come easy.

Rapper Aypi can attest to this. In 2021, he released a song entitled “Sobrang Lala” and it refers to the life of his story’s protagonist. Through it, he plays the role of a man resigned to his fate. He doesn’t confess exactly what he has done but he does share the circumstances surrounding it. And to complete this, he only needed to dedicate about an hour of his time.

He was content with the work he said. And given the nature of the piece, perhaps others will be as well.

W ritten on May 2021, “Sobrang Lala” is a song born during a pandemic that limits many. Its backbone is a man character casually accepting his shortcomings. Set on the premise that he has wronged someone, Aypi uses this song to express his regret over his actions while accepting their consequences. Its music video, directed by  JFxVisuals, captures this feel with dim backdrops and quick shots of a woman stoically facing the lens. Running for more than three minutes, its use of contemporary speaking trends and references showcases an artist’s potential to speak in behalf of his generation: this demographic whose youthful years–though motivated by communication technology–were still greatly hampered by a pandemic discouraging physical contact.

This wasn’t his intention though. On May, when Aypi was writing this song, he wasn’t even supposed to. He was merely listening to some random beats. But then came the first lines of the song. “Aking buhay ay mahirap,” he said. And he just kept going.

“Sobrang Lala’ is an abstract,” he continued. “I don’t have any topic to stick with, no message to convey and my thought process at that time [was,] “don’t break the melody.” And about an hour later, the song was complete.

“I was satisfied because most of my songs are written for weeks and months,” he said. “I can say that this song was written with my subconscious.” Nevertheless, it is a track with a legitimate voice which can be heard. And while it only took a short amount of time to write it, if it touches people, it might end up being played for years.

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