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Createurs Takes on a Lighter Theme With New Single “Constellation”

The group furthers the story of their upcoming concept album.

Artwork by Patricia Espiritu
I n “Anthem,” Leonard Cohen suggests that cracks can be good since they can let the light in. But that shouldn’t suggest that we’ll always like what we find in the dark.

In “Constellation,” the new single by music collective, Createurs, the cracks came in the form of a failed romance. Here, we begin with a couple going on a date that went better than expected. But in the end, we find the protagonist alone and desperate for some peace of mind. We get a glimpse of the character’s dark side and according to the group, this furthers the story they’ve been trying to share.

Since February last year, Createurs has been working on “To Tell A Tale,” the follow-up to their maiden album “We Exist.” Prior to this new single, they released “Humannequin,” a song about a man romanticizing obsession. And now, in the new chapter that comes in the form of “Constellation,” we are given a glimpse at love, its innocence before slowly being corrupted by the pain that can come with it.

“Contrary to the dark theme of their initial release,” the group’s press material states, “Constellation will cruise us around the different forms of love and the risks it brings in a relationship.” And what an apt word “cruise” is.

Reaching over four minutes, this track (which also features vocals from Jezka Carmona and Kim Paulino) begins with a leisurely pace that describes the chemistry between two people; their contentment and infatuation depicted by a sonic landscape of gushing lyrics and conservative guitar work. Like a lot of Createurs songs, however, this single, produced by Alek Mangoroban of Absence Recordings, morphs. It goes from cruising to downright careening as the truth about the relationship unfolds. It’s not what people have come to expect from Createurs which is known for their abrupt mood shifts but it is in line with the group’s desire to always tell a story.

They’ve been doing that since 2019. With their release of their debut album, “We Exist,” the group has shown their penchant for narratives by writing songs inspired by the monsters of Western folklore. Now, with their new album, they’ve decided to focus on the story of one man turning into a monster. “Constellation” is but one part of the tale, but it is a crack that lets you get a glimpse of what they have in store for us.

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