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Createurs Begins “To Tell The Tale” With a New Single

“Humannequin,” a song about the dangers of obession.

Createurs–an artist collective known for writing songs about monsters–has just released another single and it’s about what some see as the scariest monster of all: the human being.

It’s not the first time they did this. In “We Exist,” the group’s debut album, the group created a sonic bestiary that tackles human issues while referencing the iconic monsters of literature–from vampires to werewolves to the creature of Dr. Frankenstein. By the end of the album, however, listeners got something slightly different with a tune called “Stellar Memories.”

Clocking at around 7 minutes, the song which features two vocals is a dialogue about the tragic side of humanity—how our innate selfishness can be a source of woe, how our insatiability can turn us into something more dangerous than the monsters that have come out of the most iconic horror stories. Their new single “Hummanequin” is shorter than “Stellar Memories.” It is also much less existential. Nevertheless, it is a theatrical, genre-blending narrative possessing the same sonic DNA that Createurs has been long associated with.

Produced by Alek Mangoroban of Absence Recordings, “Humannequin” is a more than 5-minute track that examines the nature of obsession. It features vocals from Hayce Atienza and Leizel Banci but it starts off like a torch song with Createurs’ lead singer, Rain Garalde, singing about a woman who doesn’t know of her importance to him. Tension builds however as the lyrics reveal Garalde’s character to be a stalker of sorts, the kind that refers to his “angel” (the woman) as a “humannequin” that should stop moving. And, as the other instruments start crashing in, as other vocals begin to give their side of the story with seemingly resentful (if not defiant) singing, the track, like a lot of other tunes from this group, transforms drastically. Soon enough, this somber tune about unrequited love morphs into a dark exchange about desires. At the heart of it, this morphing single seems to emulate how one’s yearning for another can evolve to something dangerous, how that which we call “love” can corrupt us and drive us to harm the ones we claim to love.

According to the group’s press release, the song talks about a murder and the mystery behind it. Beyond that, however, it also just a part of a larger story, a necessary teaser as Createurs begins “To Tell The Tale.”

“To Tell The Tale is a narrative concept album,” the group told us. It is their second album and unlike the first one, which was held together by the idea of creating songs that reference various monsters, this focuses on just one: the plot’s main character. The “Tale,” as they call it, is his journey to being inhumane.

“It tackles the factors that put us to the edge, the catalysts,” Garalde said. “From love, society, politics, and even our own internal pressures.”

“To Tell The Tale” is set to be released next year but with this new song now going public, the telling had already begun.

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