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Createurs Captures Mental Health Struggles with “The Jazzhound”

Rock and jazz translates a troubled mind

“The Curious Life of Mr. Hyde I: The Jazzhound” by Createurs. Art by Limuel Ramirez.
T here are times when the one you are fighting for also appears to be your greatest enemy. 

Such is the challenge commonly faced by those who struggle with issues of mental health. They want to be better but when their minds get in their way, they can be prevented from that which can uplift them; solutions, for example, or thoughts that are at least rational and healthy. The struggle can be so overwhelming at times that one can only survive by asking and receiving outside help.  

This is the reality captured in “The Curious Life of Mr. Hyde I: The Jazzhound.”

C omposed and performed by music group Createurs, this track is an aural mapping of the challenges that can come with mental health issues. Covering a little over four minutes, it justifies the “Mr. Hyde” in its title by unfolding a soundscape that repeatedly changes tune.  

“Where have you been?” the song begins, bursting with a violent clash of instruments. The word “quiet” is then spoken almost inaudibly by the vocalist and the song settles into a bed of notes played hauntingly on the piano. It then introduces a character suffering the weight of societal expectations, a figure dealing with “voices” in and out of his head. Sometime in the song, following the return the heavy playing, it slips into a jazzy, almost playful, piano-driven segment. Here the character tries to be hopeful about his situation. Here, he considers being more open about who is, believing that this may help him get better. But then, the aggressive atmosphere returns and in the end, we find him practically crying for help: “When I just wanna be alone / Don’t leave me alone!” 

Set to be one of the singles in “To Tell a Tale,” Createurs’ second full-length album, “The Jazzhound” also serves as a prequel to one of the group’s earlier tracks. It is called “The Curious Life of Mr. Hyde II: The Mexicat.” It is a song about a man embracing his dark side and it is one of the singles from their debut album “We Exist.” 

Released back in 2019, “We Exist” was a collection of songs referencing monsters mostly found in Western stories. It is composed of tracks about werewolves, succubi, vampires and, yes, dual faced beings like Mr Hyde. “To Tell A Tale,” meanwhile, is a story about a man slowly transforming into a monster. 

All things considered, The Jazzhound serves to further that plot about change. As a stand-alone composition, however, it is a single whose official visualizer on Youtube includes the numbers for the National Mental Health Crisis Hotline. Throughout its duration of more than four minutes, it is also a message—an attempt to clarify what people can go through at the face of mental health struggles. Finally, at its most desperate moments, amidst notes leading to its climax, it is a song that suggests something explicated in the visualizer: “Your mental health matters. It’s okay to seek help.” 

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