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[Invites in Bytes] October 22 to 28

Next week on the Metro: Fringe MNL’s 1SA Solo Arts Platform will continue with a series of performances from the 23rd to the 28th. Meanwhile, Ampalaya Monologues will be celebrating its 3rd anniversary by examining definitions of love as shaped by past bouts with bitterness. And, yes, it’s not Halloween week yet, but if you think there’s not a single event in the next seven days that will not involve costumes or the deceased, you’d be dead wrong. Take for example Ayala Museum’s Dia De Muertos.

Check out the rest of the week below:

Artwork by Angelo Cantera

October 22

Tago sa Dulo

October 23

1SA: About Kazuo Ohno by Takao Kawaguchi

Skill Bill: Trivia Night

October 24

1SA: Dance Until You Shatter Yourself by Green Glass Door (Feat. Daniel Darwin)

I Belong To The Zoo x This Band


October 25

Manila Uncorked 2018

Sa Tuwing Kabilugan ng Buwan: Full Moon at Puerta Real

Exhibition Opening: Slowly Surely by Fitz Herrera

October 26

Dia de Muertos: Forgotten Souls

1SA: Brown Madonna by Ea Torrado

October 27

Talks: WIP 8

October 27 Saturday X Future Market

Bitt3rd – Ampalaya Monologues 3rd Anniversary Show

1SA: Ang Dalagita’y ‘Sang Bagay na Di Buo by Dulaang UP (feat. Skyzx Labastilla)

Royalty X Garapata

Philippines-Korea Cultural Exchange Festival

Siddhartha The Musical

Market Day! at Vinyl on Vinyl Gallery

October 28

Wizard Run 2018

1SA: Raising Gabe by Gabe Mercado


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