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“Sana” Seeks to Grant the Wishes of Indigenous Kids in Mindoro

SKC, Rotary clubs and Baon Collective collaborate for a fundraising spoken word event to be held for the benefit of Books and Toys for Mangyan Children Project.


While there are those who can afford to wish for something extravagant this holiday season, there are also those who would rather wish for that which many consider basic—like education or the inspiration to dream big.

At the Tau-Buid tribal area of Mindoro Oriental, for example, there are children who aren’t always afforded such luxuries. Located at an underdeveloped area of Gloria, the community suffers from accessibility problems that make it difficult for its kids to go to school or receive government support. Oftentimes, only missionaries can reach the place to help the kids in terms of education and other basic necessities. This is why Sigaw ng Kabataan Coalition (SKC,) along with various Rotary clubs in Metro Manila, are pooling all their resources, hopes and efforts together for an event fittingly called “Sana.”

Happening on November 29, 6:00 pm at Commune Café, “Sana” is a spoken word event which aims to raise funds for the Books and Toys for Mangayan Children Project (BTMC) on December 8 to 9. Revolving on the subject of aspirations or “the wishes and stories of the things we should’ve done” (as its marketing collateral states,) “Sana” will have the spoken word artists like Renz Rosario, Kid Andromeda, and Edbert Darwin Casten of Baon Collective explore the theme of the event.

“Through spoken poetry, the project will bring together artists, dreamers, and change-makers of all ages to share their stories in spoken word form,” said Karl Cedric Loyola, the president of the Rotaract Club of San Francisco Del Monte, one of the organizers of the event. “[It is also] a fundraising project,” he added. “All proceeds from ‘Sana’ will be used for the upcoming [BTMC] project which will be held in Mindoro on December 8 to 9, 2018.”

“Sana” will feature performers from Baon Collective: Kid Andromeda, Renz Rosario, and Edbert Darwin Casten

According to Loyola, The BTMC Project has been operating for about four years now. Since its launch in 2014, it’s been providing literacy programs for Mangyan children in selected communities. This year, BTMC’s December visit will include games, storytelling, gift-giving, and a feeding program. It will also see the provision of educational materials and supplies to help in the informal learning endeavors held for the kids of the community.

“Its goal, in the long run, is to facilitate the construction of schools for ethnic minorities through crowd-funding,” he added. And this, according to him, is why “Sana” is such a pivotal event for all parties concerned.

Sana while promoting spoken poetry,” he said, “will also raise awareness for [Rotary’s] advocacy of doing good to the world albeit in small increments.” This, he said, is the reason as to why a number of Rotary clubs decided to take part in the event. These include the Rotary Satellite Club of FBGC Titans, Rotaract Club of Fort Bonifacio Global City along with the Rotaract Clubs of Miraculous Medal – Sucat, San Francisco Del Monte Malaya Achievers, United Nations, Raha Sulayman Volunteers, San Antonio de Padua,  San Nicolas Makati, Rotaract Club of Asia Pacific College, Rotaract Club of Malate, Rotaract Club of Carmona, Rotaract Club of Metro Bacolod, Rotaract Club of Candelaria, and Rotaract Club of Cebu.

Conceptualized earlier this year, “Sana” aims to earn enough to support the BTMC visit through the sales of tickets priced at 400php. Aside from its guest performers, it will also have an open mic session that people can register for by going here. According to Loyola, this will allow performers to air their wishes while possibly making the wishes of the kids from the Tau-Buid tribal community to come true in time for the holidays.


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