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Keane Trinity to launch two new songs

Performers include Manic Pixie Dani, Dating May, Mt. Lewis, Out of Order, and Bita and the Botflies.


Several weeks ago, musician Lance Keane Ong made a bold declaration: if you want to listen to something that’s different, you should try listening to his band.

The group in question is Keane Trinity, a rock trio composed of Ong on vocals and guitar, Gerard de Dios on bass and Ronnie Segovia on drums. Formed in 2017, the band has been playing bluesy rock songs, a genre not commonly played by their contemporaries. “We’re not your modern ‘indie’ band,” he told Manileño. And on May 23, at Route 196, he and his bandmates will get a chance to further prove that.

Through the help of production company, At The Back MNL (ATB,) the group will be officially launching two new singles that best summarize the kind of stuff they’ll be putting out. “Siga,” for starters, is the fleshing out of a schoolyard bully’s narrative; an exploration of how they are made and not born. Meanwhile, Lazy Days is an artist’s response to a lackadaisical morning; Ong’s output following a gig that tired him out. Both songs, when previewed by this publication, presented a rugged atmosphere common amongst songs within their subgenre of rock. They’re also very telling of the band’s musical influences.

“Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Deep Purple, Cream etcetera,” Ong said. “Basically most of the rock n roll gods of the ’60s and ’70s.” And this is a sonic identity lauded by the group’s supporters.

“If you’re a fan of blues rock type of music you’ll definitely love how Keane Trinity produces its songs,” said Karen Tausing, founder of ATB. “It’s unique and has a kick that will surely let listener dive into the stories of each song.” She was quick to add, however, that people who aren’t fans of this type of music might still have a good reason to go on the 23rd.

With tickets priced at 250php and doors opening at 8:00pm, Keane Trinity’s launch of the two singles will also feature several acts making rounds in the local music scene. Aside from the group itself, the event will also include the performances from the ever-groovy Bita and the Botflies, Angeles City’s funk, blues and soul band Mt. Lewis, the mix-styled quartet Dating May, musician and vlogger Manic Pixie Dani, and the five-piece Jazz group Out of Order.

“Words cannot explain how awesome this night will be,” Tausing said. “That’s why I’m encouraging everybody to come over.” This too is a relatively bold declaration. And like the band, Tausing and her group will also be given a chance to live up to it on the 23rd.

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