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Know the Skin You’re In

And take care of it with OMO! White’s range of toners.

OMO! White’s toners.
While there are many ways to ruin your skin, most of them can be attributed to a single culprit: the lack of knowledge.

Ignorance is bliss until you see its effects. And in the realm of skincare, you might end up facing quite a number of them. If you don’t know the factors that can ruin your skin, you might fail to avoid them. Meanwhile, using skincare routines unbacked by thorough research might end up doing more harm than good. And then there’s the crime of not knowing your skin type. Ignorance on this subject might lead you to using products that can end up either being ineffective or just downright harmful. Knowledge is power they say and that applies to the skin you’re in.

According to the makers of OMO! White, a Korean-inspired skincare brand that produces toners for every skin type, it is important for people to begin their skincare endeavors by understanding what they’re working with. In a release sent to this publication by the company, it said that people should take the time to perform simple but useful tests to determine their skin type. There are two methods according to the release and first among them is the barefaced method.

“For the bare-faced method, cleanse your face and leave it dry for 40 minutes,” the group said. “To determine your skin type, check the cheeks, forehead, chin, and nose.” This method will reveal that you might have oily skin if these areas end up being shiny or greasy. If those areas are a tad sensitive, meanwhile, then you might have the type of skin that’s prone to breakouts and itchiness. If they’re flaky, then you might have dry skin. “Combination skin types are when you can see shine on the T-zone area (nose, forehead, and chin) but cheeks are a bit normal to dry,” the group added. “If it’s sensitive, you see a bit of shine in the T-zone but it looks more radiant than just plain grease.” Finally, having skin that’s nice and velvety 40 minutes after a cleanse means that you have normal skin. 

The other method recommended by the group is the blotting sheet method. You can try this by patting your skin with a blotting paper so that you can see how much oil it has. “Normal skin should have tiny amounts of oil,” the group said. “If all areas of your skin are oily including the cheeks, you have oily skin.” They also added that the oil sheet will not have any visible oil if you have dry skin. Combination skin meanwhile will have little to no oil. “The ones on the forehead, nose, and chin should have some noticeable oil,” the group said. If that is the case, then you have normal skin.

Once you find out what type of skin you have, OMO! White said that they can help you take care of it with a line of toners they developed for various skin types. The group did say that their name is based on the Korean term “omo,” which stands for “oh my goodness!” and they intend to have you saying that after you see what their products can do for you.

AcneClear White Toner, for one, is an alcohol-free toner for oily and acne-prone skin. The group stated that this was scientifically mixed with ingredients such as Glycolic acid, Niacinamide, and Lactic acid to help people who want to improve their skin’s appearance.

IntenseCleanse Toner, meanwhile, is made for combination skin. This too is alcohol-free and it was designed to give maximum hydration with a quick swipe. It achieves this through a mix of Activated Charcoal, Allantoin, and Alpha Arbutin; ingredients made to soften and re-energize your skin. The goal of this is to mildly exfoliate your skin to let it achieve a radiant glow.

Then there’s OMO! White‘s UltraLight White Toner. The group said that this “is a fast-absorbent lightweight formula that gives maximum hydration and it mildly exfoliates to give you a youthful, glowing skin.” Its components include Glutathione, Lactic Acid, and Alpha Arbutin.

Yes, there are many ways by which you can ruin your skin but with brands like OMO! White, there are also be a number of ways by which you can take care of it—so long as you know what “it” is.

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