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Project 4 Productions continues its popular gig series.


W hen Project 4 Productions put up a stage for Fete de la Musique this year, the result was literally and figuratively “Not Bad.”

This refers to the company’s event at El Chante MNL. On June 22 this year, the group set up the “Not Bad Cypher Stage” for the popular music festival. It brought together some of the most promising acts in local hip hop, gave a glimpse of the genre’s offerings outside mainstream coverage and ended up causing a bit of traffic. Outside the venue, people looking to get in packed the sidewalks so much that some of them occasionally occupied the streets. Inside, the floor of El Chante mostly vanished beneath a sea of spectators standing side by side as this year’s line-up took the stage. In short, the event was a success.

“It was overwhelming,” said the company’s founder Kimi Buendia. “We were expecting a crowd but we did not expect we would be packed from 7 PM ‘til closing.” And once again, the group is looking to replicate that achievement.

At Quezon City’s Catch 272 on July 30, Project 4 Productions will once again be holding a “Not Bad” show featuring “breaks, beats and cyphers.” The company wanted to mix seasoned acts with up-and-coming names and this resulted in a line-up that includes RuiijiKun, Jia Meneses, Búeni, Scavengers, Original Flavor Crew and Badd One Trishka. With a door charge of 200php, the event will start at 8pm and proceed to follow up on a concept Project 4 Productions started in 2018.

“Not Bad was first launched around December 2018,” said CB, one of the co-founders of the company. And when it was conceptualized, it was planned to be a celebration of hip hop music that taps into its aspects like “rap, bboy and DJing.”

“We got together,” he shared, “discussed the shows we want to experience and came up with a concept that’s small and intimate where you can enjoy the night with the artists, cypher with different emcees, meet new people and dance all night.”

As for the event’s name, it was meant to be a deliberate downplaying of what people can expect from a “Not Bad” show; an understatement of the fact that it has been good enough to, at the very least, leave its organizers “overwhelmed” in the past.

“[We expect] nothing big to be honest,” Buendia said. “We just want everyone to have a good time and get drunk.” But then again, they had similar expectations during “Not Bad’s” Fete run–and look at what happened.

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