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Production company taps over 30 acts to perform.


This month, events and marketing company, Project 4 Productions (P4P,) is celebrating its 2nd Year Anniversary. And, it’s doing so by highlighting that which has driven it to reach its two-year milestone: the goal to support local music.

This is according to its marketing manager, Mary Grace Lara Atienza. In an interview with Manileño, Atienza said that this has always been the company’s prime directive and it intends to continue pursuing it this month through a five-part anniversary tour which will feature nearly 40 artists.

“Since one of our main missions as an events production body is to support the local music scene… one night of celebration will not be enough to do so,” she said. “Thus, we tried our best to hold this for more than one night and luckily ended up with five legs at four venues with different artists each.”

Co-presented with production body Imperium Manila, P4P’s second-year anniversary tour began last April 6 at Jess and Pat’s with a kick-off charity gig for the benefit of Alexander Ramos, a teenager diagnosed with Acute Myloid Leukemia. The tour is now entering its third leg on the 17th at Route 196.  There, it will feature MAY, Happy Pill, Molay, Leanne & Naara, Marco, Eaaasy, Not Informed, and Giniling Festival. After that, the group will have its fourth leg on April 22 at Mow’s, a “cover night,” as Atienza called it, that will pay tribute to Parokya ni Edgar and Eraserheads. Its performers will include Panic Run, Cheenee Gonzalez, Story to Tell, Mayari, Submission, The Chalk, Mayatsuya, The Project, and BOPEK. For the final leg of the tour, the group will head back to Route 196 on the 23rd to feature the following performers: P. et al., Happy Pill, General Strike, Createurs, Fridge, and Woopis.

“We prioritized getting artists and venues who have become our friends over the course of our past two years,” Atienza said. And by “friends,” what she meant were artists and venues that they’ve worked with. That said, the group also forged new partnerships for this tour—something that she believes would help them in what is expected to be a busy year.

“We are facing a jam-packed 2019 with Fête Dela Musique stages, our annual benefit gig for the Philippine Animal Rescue Team, school concerts, and local gigs in our to-do list,” she said. “Definitely, the next coming months for P4P will be nothing short of exciting as we double what we have accomplished and strengthen what we have established as we go along.”

Since it started a couple of years ago, P4P has been a rather busy events and marketing group. Prior to its second year anniversary, the group set up a number of gigs while also putting up events and providing marketing services for clients outside the music industry. Just recently, P$P took part in the 5th Philippine Ukulele Festival. And just last year, it got involved with the highly popular Fete De La Musique when it oversaw the Warner Music stage at Social House. According to Atienza, this was the reason why they weren’t able to celebrate their first anniversary.

“We got preoccupied,” she said. Nevertheless, they are making up for it this time around with the 5 gigs celebrating their second year.

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