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Papapeta Spreads Wings with New Single, “Angel”

The band explores a new sound with this new track.

Papapeta’s new single “Angel”

Papapeta has a new single out and it’s almost as if they’re not the ones who made it.

It’s a sentiment shared by the band’s keyboardist Joel Dacumos when asked to give his opinions about the song. During a listening party dedicated to it, he said that their new brainchild is a sonic departure from their previous style. Nevertheless, the song—entitled “Angel”—is very much a product of their efforts. And, its creation, according to some of the band’s members, is practically heaven sent.

“It’s excitement after excitement na, for a long time, di ko naranasan, [It’s excitement after excitement that I haven’t felt for a long time,],” Jose Paulo Dela Cruz, the band’s vocalist said. And artists who have had their fair share of creative evolutions may find this relatable.

“Angel” after all seems like the shiny new plaything immediately distinct in the band’s toy chest of mostly straightforward pop rock songs. The fact that its lyrics are in English (even though the group writes songs mostly in Filipino) is the least of its distinctions.

C overing more than three minutes, “Angel” is a groovy love song employing sonic frills to set an easy-going mood. It is defined by the group as a quarantine song and, fittingly, its steady pacing and somewhat whimsical trappings do capture the slow but hopeful nights many Filipinos have had to go through while a vast majority of the country remains shutdown because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. ‘

Considering the other songs written by this band, this is a change of pace that almost mirrors the dawdling days people have come to experience within recent years. That being said, however, the song does carry a few familiar elements. For instance, its creation. It started as something small; a side project between the band’s vocalist and its bassist Ace Gonzales. It continued expanding, however, as they took the contributions of their other bandmates: drummer Exzel Rouye Zoleta and guitarists Darly Mantaring and Mac Chua. Bert Ong, the guitarist of Never The Strangers, also took part in this project and that further affected the song’s feel. To Mantaring, this process isn’t foreign.

“Ganoon naman tayo gumawa ng kanta e [That’s how we write songs,]” he said. “[We believe that] less is more but it expands.”

This time, however, that “expansion” pushed the band past their sonic comfort zone. And if this ends up getting more ears to listen to their music, then perhaps the song really does deserve its title.

You can check out “Angel” on Spotify and Apple Music.

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