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POV: “Hallucinating” With Rap Duo Run Deliks

A reprieve from this “dull” reality.

Hallucinating by Run Deliks

F or the last two years, a lot of people have been getting no more than two options to choose from: either they live lives that are mostly dull or lives that are mostly devastating. 

Such was the effect of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19.) Since arriving in the Philippines, the highly infectious virus has plagued the populace with a variety of symptoms that could either be fatal or quite expensive to suppress. Those who have avoided it, meanwhile, have done so by following the tight restrictions imposed by the government to curb its spread—they minimized human contact, stayed indoors and slowed down their lives. With such realities, it is understandable as to why some would choose to escape—even if the method of escape can be “concerning.” 

That at least is the description of Run Deliks.

I n their single, “Hallucinating,” the rap duo delves into a kind intoxication and loss of inhibitions that people engage to break away from the mundanity of today. They don’t go into details as to how one gets into this state but they do explore sensations familiar to those who can relate to it. The feeling of uncertainty, for example, was well represented in the song. Equally established is the inner chaos that ensues. 

You won’t find this in its delivery though. Spanning just a little over two minutes, “Hallucinating” displays the duo’s capacity to convey confidence through tight, smoothly conveyed verses. If this is a trip they’re inviting you for (“hallucinating, last chance to go with me,” so the lyrics say,) then the manner by which they invite you can be assuring even as they describe its perils. 

Completed with the producers Innerbloomboi and Maaliw, “Hallucinating” is a single defined by its press release as a track “with elements of dance music and early 2000s pop.” Nevertheless, it is an attempt at an escape, making it a song fit for this age of restrictions. 

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