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Tool Up With Achilles Rise

A gel product developed to help men perform better in bed.

Here’s a hard fact to swallow for some people: size really does matter.

Sure; there are those who don’t really care about how lengthy or thick a man’s tool is. But there are also those who simply find themselves unsatisfied because of their partner’s shortcomings. Incidentally, there are also those who have the right-sized tools for the job but they can’t seem to make them work.

A proposed solution to these issues goes by the name is Achilles Rise. Approved by the Food and Drug Administration, this product was developed for male organ enlargement and vascular simulation. It is a proprietary blended topical gel infused with natural ingredients (like maca extract and pepha tight) to improve sexual activity. Achilles Rise, paired with penile exercises, is also touted by its makers to be capable of adding 4 to 7 centimeters within a few weeks. This is why the product comes with a manual on various Jelqing techniques, the controversial exercises said to be capable of enhancing one’s penis size.

While there is barely any scientific evidence backing this exercise, it should be said that Achilles Rise was nevertheless made with components said to capable of improving one’s sexual experience. That’s why its makers believe it to be the right tool to help your tool.

“It’s always a good idea to keep the spark alive and keep things different once in a while,” the product’s press release stated. “Whether or not your partner is gifted in that aspect, having an extra edge in size may translate to deeper satisfaction. If you’re looking for ways to keep the passion alive, Achilles Rise is a great find.”

There are those who might think that this is appealing. Sex, after all, can serve as an important contributor to a relationship’s stability. According to Healthline, which once presented an article on the matter, sex—when done successfully—can improves one’s self-confidence; it can also help in relieving stress. Various studies referenced by the article also suggest that sexual intercourse can boost one’s immune functions, soothe headaches, and boost cognitive functions. Sex can also be considered as a form of exercise.

It has a lot of benefits and, since we are keeping it real, it can feel great when done right. Sometimes people can’t do that. That’s why there are products developed to help get the job done.

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