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Love her or hate her, Mocha Uson, as the Assistant Secretary of the Presidential Communications Operations Office, knew how to get people talking. And she did it again this morning after she resigned from her post. (Words by KENDRICK GO)

Question: how do you say good morning in Filipino? Answer: “Nag-resign na si Mocha [Mocha Uson resigned].”

This, at least, is the sentiment of one Filipino Twitter user this morning following the latest news concerning the ever-controversial public figure.

As reported earlier by various media outlets, Uson stepped down from her post as the Assistant Secretary of the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO.) Her resignation came after the House of Representatives, on October 2, deferred plenary deliberations concerning PCOO’s proposed budget for 2019 due to her absence. In a statement she gave to the press, Uson considered her resignation as an act of “sacrifice,” hoping that her decision to resign would lead to the budget’s passing. Prior to this, however, various parties have long been calling for Uson’s resignation due mostly to the numerous controversies she figured in before and after she took the post.

Known as one of the most vocal supporters of controversial Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, Uson is commonly the talk of the town as far as Philippine politics is concerned. Last August, for example, Uson landed on hot water after she posted a video on her Facebook page to promote the current government’s desire to shift turn the Philippines into a federal country. The video showed her cheering on the sides while her friend, blogger Drew Olivar, sang and danced to a pro-federalism jingle with lyrics including words like pepe and dede [vagina and breasts in the Filipino language respectively]. “I-pepe, i-dede,” Olivar sang while touching his chest and his crotch.

In September, Uson and Olivar were criticized again for yet another video which circulated online. In it, Uson could be heard laughing while Olivar tried to comically mimic sign language. Earlier this year, Uson was also the center of controversy after she falsely claimed that Albay’s Mayon Volcano is located in Naga City. Now, she is getting people talking again through her resignation–a move that has made her eligible to run for public office in the next election.

“GOOD NEWS: @MochaUson finally resigned!,” wrote netizen Vince Liban. “BAD NEWS: this is a ploy for her senate/congress run.” And people have been cracking jokes about it since this morning.

Here are just some of the more popular ones we’ve encountered:




And if she decides to get a seat at the senate, you know some people will be like






Actually, good morning, good evening and good night for some people.



We also sent her to that place that’s like Baguio












OK, fine.






In case you don’t know what he means…



…he meant this.



And clearly you’re not the only one.



“So much pain inside…”




Shady asf.

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