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Word on the Feed: The FIBA Battle Royale

From a post that called it a distraction from the [snake in the fitting room of Robinsons Galleria] to the comments saying that Senator Manny Pacquiao should’ve been there, the brawl between Gilas Pilipinas and the Boomers has produced some downright funny reactions from local netizens that JE LANGOMEZ gathered for us.

If you’ve been online within the last 20 hours or so, then chances are you didn’t miss what arguably became one of the most controversial basketball related news local feeds have gotten in months. In the middle of a lopsided FIBA World Cup Asian qualifier between the Philippines’ Gilas Pilipinas and Australia’s the Boomers at the Philippine Arena, a bench-clearing brawl broke out turning the game into one of the most controversial match-ups in recent history. It has since been spurring a deluge of online reactions.

It all went down during the third quarter. With scoreboards flashing 79-48 favoring Australia, local player Roger Popoy appeared to have knocked down Australia’s Christopher Goulding and, in response, the latter’s teammate, Daniel Kickart, struck Popoy with his elbow leading to an all-out brawl. Soon enough, cameras caught Jason Castro flying through the crowd to land a punch at Kickart, Terrence Romeo avoiding what looked like an attempt at a flying kick from Thon Maker, and various players from both teams hurling blows at each other in a melee that knocked aside one of the barricades.

Prior to the game, there was already tension between both teams when the Australian delegates, while practicing at the Philippine Arena on the eve of the contest, reportedly removed FIBA-approved decals featuring Gilas’ corporate sponsors without permission. The action was justified by the team who said that the decals were slippery. Meanwhile, Gilas’ coach, Chot Reyes, said that Kickart, before the match, was already on the bad side of his team after apparently hitting some of the Filipino players during the warm-ups. Kickart’s decision to strike Popoy during the match was reportedly the last straw that lead to all the fighting.

It was already a notable day for basketball even before all this happened. Not long before the reports of the brawl began surfacing, it was reported that Lebron James had left the Cleveland Cavaliers, signing a 4-year deal with the LA Lakers. That alone was enough to fill feeds with cager-related postings. And now, at the wake of the brawl that caught the attention of the world, more basketball related stuff can be found online and some of them are just downright funny. Here are some of the best we’ve encountered thus far:

Tin foil hats on, people.


^The blow by blow.


 Hey, say what you want but A LOT of Filipinos are fantastic MOBA players.


The high priestess of #Charotism has graced us. Bow down, mortals.



Round 2?


Can’t say we didn’t expect this…


…And this.


Or this.


One more for the guys at the back.


And in case this doesn’t get approved…


We have this^


And this.^


Just in case someone get’s injured, b.


They’re “changing lives” ya’ll.


And the rest of us were like… 




Them “Slash Brother” moves though.


And those gloves would’ve been taken off, Rowell.


Ms. Kristina typing this like…


Be. Like. Abai…


No worries, Laura. The rest of the net got you covered.




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